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Frequently Asked Questions
Studio Rentals

See below for FAQ's: Before Booking and After Booking. 
If you have further questions, please email us at

Before Booking

What is the capacity of your venue?

Our 4th Floor Studio can comfortably hold up to 30 people depending on the event. For bodywork classes and workshops, 4R can accommodate up to 20 people on yoga mats.

May I use your studios for rehearsals?

Yes. We ask that music and any loud sounds be kept to reasonable levels. Please limit the amount of hard dancing and no jumping activities. 

What kinds of events can be held in the studios?

There have been many different types of events including holistic therapeutic treatments, bodywork classes and workshops, yoga classes, educational seminars, receptions, book signings, birthday parties, weddings, as well as film, photo and commercial shoots.

Are pets allowed in the building?

We do not permit dogs, cats or other four-legged or feathered creatures in the facility.

Is there a preferred caterer?

You may use any catering company you wish. Please note that any foods need to be prepared beforehand: there is a very small on-site kitchen area with sink and small fridge. No oven, stovetop or cooking is available. We have a Keurig coffee/tea maker that you may use for a $1 a brew.  There is also an electric water kettle and a percolator available for your use. 

What about access to the area?

We are located on 14th Street between 5th and 6th Ave. Central location, easy to get to/from, with all major subway lines within a few blocks. Parking garage next door to the building.

Where can I find pricing information, availability and make a reservation for my event?

Website has all the info.  Click on Our Spaces (for photos, pricing, policies & guidelines), Rental Availability (http://www.2bstudios.org/availability) and Request Space to fill out a rental request form (http://www.2bstudios.org/request).

Can I have a tour of the space?

Absolutely. We request that all prospective users take a tour of the space prior to booking. Please email us to schedule, with info on your event, number of people, dates, and any pertinent information. You may also fill out a Rental Request Form online and one of our associates will schedule a visit for you.  Email 2bstudiorentals@gmail.com to set up an appointment.

Can I come early or the day before to set up / bring supplies?
Your rental reservation should include set up time and break down / clean up time.  If you need to bring in supplies prior to your rental, that can be arranged.

I would like to take the whole space for privacy.  How does that work?
2B Studios 4th Floor is divided into two adjacent spaces with an adjoining door that separates the two.  You may reserve the studio and shut the door for total privacy.   

After Booking

When is my booking confirmed and when do I receive the building key, door codes, etc?

Upon reviewing and signing our rental agreement, your deposit payment for your rental, we will confirm your booking.

A security deposit and fee for the key, both refundable, will be due upon scheduling a run-through of the facility.

When do I get my security deposit and key fee back?

You will leave the key at an assigned spot in the studio, at the end of your event. In the days following your event one of our staff members will reach out to you confirming that your checkout was successful and making arrangements to return your deposit and fee, or if done by check (preferred) your check will be torn up.

Can I have my event’s ad featured on 2B Studios website?

Absolutely. While filling out the Rental Request Form in our website (http://www.2bstudios.org/request) be sure to select that option and add your material. We will review it and confirm posting.

Will there be studio staff supporting my event?

No. 2B Studios is a self-sufficient space and you will be provided with all the information you need to run your workshop. We will provide a checklist for you. Otherwise, for a nominal fee we can arrange for a staff member to support your event.

I have deliveries that need to take place at times outside of my rental agreement. Will there be anyone on location to receive them?

We do not have full-time staff on site. Upon signing your rental agreement you will receive a key to the building’s door and the code for the studio door. You need to make arrangements for any deliveries on your own. The scheduled time may not interrupt another workshop/ event, so check with us. Otherwise, for a nominal fee we can arrange for a staff member to receive your deliveries.

How will my guests/clients gain access to the venue?

They will ring the building’s directory downstairs and you will be able to buzz them in from upstairs. Door codes are not to be shared with anyone at any time, and we do change door codes often. Once you gain access to the building and the studio, you will be able to let your guests/clients come into the venue by buzzing them in from upstairs.

What can 2B Studios provide for my event?

For workshops, the studio is fully supplied with 25 folding chairs, white board, markers, and 4 folding tables. For movement classes, the studio is supplied with blocks, straps, blankets, and yoga mats. For massage workshops we can supply massage tables and you will need to bring your own sheets, towels, and other supplies.

While filling out the Rental Request Form (http://www.2bstudios.org/request) give us a description and count of what you need and we will let you know what we can provide.